Grief Journals

The seeds of a new project (maybe?)

Grief Journals

For the past five years, I've kept a journal detailing business plans and the yearnings of my heart. I've realized that these journals are evidence of how, for some of us, complex post-traumatic stress disorder can be confused for ambition.

I've had a semi-regular journaling practice for the past five years. And each of these journals is filled with ideas that at one time, consumed me.

These journals are a monument to my ambition, and I estimate that 80% of them are about how to build a wildly successful community business.

I realize now that this ambition also tells a story about deep loneliness and a desire to feel safe.

A note about turning my journal entries into a public project.

Grief Journals

I've spent most of my life running from grief and the fear that what I believe about my childhood is actually true.

That the violence I experienced really did happen. And that it happened to me.

In 2018, I had recently graduated college and found myself succumbing to a depression that would take years to find my way out of.

During this time, I kept dozens of journals that are a mix of what I believed to be brilliant business ideas and musings about my aching heart.

I think it'd be interesting to share excerpts from these journals and provide commentary about what you're viewing.

"Grief Journals" is a short note about how I could format this project and make a little coin. 💰

Because what's the point of emotional processing if you can't monetize it?