Kiana Gabrielle (they/she) is a conflict educator helping community-oriented leaders develop individual and group practices that promote safety and interdependence.

Workshops That Create Shared Understanding

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Getting Started With Community Building

People often talk about building community and wanting to be "in community" with others, but what does it actually require of us to do so? Getting Started With Community Building is an invitation to learn how to practice the foundation of community, mutual care.

Survivor-Informed Conflict Management

How we navigate conflict in the present day, is informed by how we've experienced conflict in the past. Survivor-Informed Conflict Management is an invitation to learn about and how to work with different conflict management styles so that we may create spaces that are safe for survivors.

The Art of Having Hard Conversations

Needing to have a hard conversation with someone can bring up a lot of complicated thoughts and feelings. The Art of Having Hard Conversations is an invitation to learn how to prepare to have difficult conversations that center care and respect.

Workshops That Bring Out the Best in People

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"We must build in us what we want to see built in the world." - Sonya Renee Taylor

Three Generative Conflict 101 workshop participant testimonials lined up side by side on quote style notecards. The testimonials say "The facilitation style was really lovely and created so much space for folks to show up.", "Stellar. Beautiful. Inspiring. Thought Provoking. Educational. Moving.", and "I truly loved the structure, the engagement, and the accessibility timeliness. THANK YOU!"

My approach to systems change uses Catalytic Thinking, which is about changing the way things are by FIRST changing how we're THINKING about the situation.

As your facilitator, I'll ask questions that lead to mindset shifts and thereby shifts in actions and results.

  • From incrementally reacting to what’s wrong, to creating what is possible
  • From suspecting the worst in each other to bringing out the best in each other
  • From going it alone to the power of Collective Enoughness, sharing and building upon each other’s strengths

The result of these shifts is a radically inclusive, radically strength-based, and radically visionary approach to systems change.

What we can do together:

Strategic Planning | Program Design | Process Improvement | Change Management | Relationship Building | Conflict Transformation | Community Strategy | Idea Generation | and more!

Does your group even need a facilitator?

You may consider a facilitator if any of the following apply to your group:

  1. You want someone else to create a clear process for your group to follow when designing a big project or initiative.
  2. You want to make sure group dynamics are balanced out and that it's safe for everyone to contribute/participate.
  3. Your group needs help making collaborative decisions that foster team ownership, consider different perspectives, create alignment, and are ultimately best for the project.
  4. There's a major problem your group has struggled to resolve for what feel like forever! You talk in circles and have the same conversation again and again. You're looking for someone mix things up, helping you creatively problem-solve and move you toward action.
  5. Group dynamics are delicate, and you need someone to manage conflict and disagreement during the planning and design stage of a project.

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