Loving Practice October 2023 Updates

This post was originally sent as a Convertkit email and has been edited for context.

Is it just me, or has September been a month of major transitions?

This morning, I’m trying to find comfort around how even though transitions can feel like something is dying, they’re also clearing space for something new. They’re a natural part of life cycles, and sometimes the only thing you can do is surrender.

This is probably a dramatic way to welcome you to this month’s updates, but September has been hard and surprising in my part of the world - more on this below. I hope yours was easier, or at the very least you’ve found nourishing ways to cope.

Anyway - enjoy these ominously introduced updates!

✨ Kiana Gabrielle

Cultivating a Loving Practice launched and so far it’s been everything I could ever dream of and more! 💖 Not only do I have the great pleasure of working with dream participants who are thoughtful, funny, and courageous, but we’re also having deeply interesting and inspiring conversations. We had our second session this past Saturday, and so far we’ve explored what it actually means to show up with Love and how we as individuals have the power to create a liberated world + the nuance/discretion that this all requires.

  • Take a look at what we talked about in our Radical Imagination session​

Loving Practice turns two on October 17th! 🥳 My business is new to most of you, but it’s actually been around since October 17th, 2022. I specifically chose this date so my business would have some supportive astrological energy around building community and bringing people together. In its first year of life, we’ve taken on many projects, from a podcast to an astrology consultation practice to an online community. You can learn more about the first year of Loving Practice in this yearbook!

Those are the highlights from the past month, and other than coping with job loss and pouring into Loving Practice, I’ve been feeling really grateful and supported by these resources:

  • Rituals (with your homies) make life worth living was a lovely reminder that I don’t need to make elaborate plans to connect with people. I could just invite a homie over and let the day unfold organically.
  • I love love love the Building Utopia Deck, and it’s been a handy tool in my facilitation. I use it on my own and with groups to imagine freer futures.
  • Bob’s Burgers has been my comfort show during this time of major life transitions - thank you to all my equally overstimulated friends who recommended it.