Loving Practice November 2023 Updates

This post was originally sent as a Convertkit email and has been edited for context.

Looking for research participants

I've been a community organizer and movement worker for nearly a decade, working on issues of gender-based violence, racial justice, queer liberation, and economic justice.

While some of these spaces were incredible, I've also had my share of experiences where interpersonal conflicts within the organization were so extreme that the group was unable to create any real change.

The worst part is that in those instances, it is often people of color who are most impacted.

I'm designing a program to support people in exploring their relationship to conflict, and I need your help!

I'm inviting people of color working or volunteering in social change organizations to schedule a 30-minute interview with me, where we'll talk about their experience with and relationship to conflict.

With deepest gratitude,

✨ Kiana Gabrielle


Member Spotlight - Meet Kaitlyn Chock

Kaitlyn is a coach for neurodivergent folks who are ready to live a more seamless life. She is, and has always been, a cheerleader, an emotional support friend (an ESF if you will), and someone who wants to make a tangible impact in her community. She works with people struggling with executive functioning, self-regulation, self-esteem, and anything else ADHD-related, helping clients live happier, more efficient, fulfilling lives.

If you know anyone who would benefit from coaching, they can sign up here: Calendly.com/Kaitlynchock