2024 Predictions

My #1 prediction for 2024 and possibly years into the future. Happy New Year!

2024 Predictions
Photo by Roven Images / Unsplash

For the foreseeable future, my New Year predictions will be the same; we'll be unlearning the lessons of colonialism (systemic isolation, greed, excess, hyper-individualism) and finding our way back to ourselves and each other.

Why? Because it's the only logical path forward for those of us who don't have access to extreme wealth.

Every year, it seems like the ills of the world are more extreme and more frequent. And it's because we are on the tail end of centuries-long colonial journey. And we have three options:

  1. Become the oppressor and try to wealth build our way into the billionaire class
  2. Surrender to our own oppression and allow our lives to be snuffed out
  3. Take control of our collective future and create the world we want to live in

I prefer the third option. I prefer to believe that people will take steps, even small ones, to unlearn and rebuild.

To believe that when industrial agriculture fails to feed the people, the people will feed each other.

To believe that when housing becomes inaccessible to most, people will provide housing for one another.

To believe that when living wage jobs become a rarity, the people will share and exchange resources generously.

That is the only way forward. That is the only way we survive.

I leave you with this video from Visionary Organizing Lab about how we got to this point and how we can move forward. I highly recommend watching it if you get anxious and overwhelmed thinking about the state of the world and if/how it can be changed.

Thank you for reading,

✨ Kiana